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In the event that you have a backup to your sanitary sewer, please read the following paragraph and refer to the chart below.

As most sewer mains are not owned or maintained by Fox Metro, contacting the correct municipality as quickly as possible will speed up the response of the appropriate authority.

If you experience a sewer back-up in all plumbing fixtures please contact the appropriate authority as shown in the chart below. Please do this before contacting a plumber or rodding service.

Those living within city or village limits should first contact the public works department in the city/village in which they reside as shown below.
If you live in an unincorporated area, please contact Fox Metro at the number(s) listed below. Fox Metro or the city/village will investigate the sanitary sewer main for blockages or other problems.

Please refer to the following municipal numbers:

Normal business hours After hours emergencies
City of Aurora 630-256-3710 630-256-3710
Village of Montgomery 630-896-9241 630-896-9241
Village of North Aurora 630-897-8228 630-897-8705 (police dept. non-emergency)
Village of Oswego 630-554-3242 630-551-7300 (police dept. non-emergency)
Village of Sugar Grove 630-391-7230 911
Yorkville 630-553-4370 630-553-4040 (police dept. non-emergency)
Fox Metro W.R.D.       (*Unincorporated Areas)
630-301-6811 (7:00am-3:30pm) 630-301-6888

* Fox Metro covers the unincorporated areas of Aurora and Oswego Townships


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