A message regarding the tragedy in Aurora

Fox Metro Water Reclamation District was saddened to watch the tragic events unfold in Aurora two weeks ago. Our prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.We share an obligation to the communities we serve to keep the water systems safe and our employees protected in the event of a situation such as what happened to our colleagues at Henry Pratt.

To this end we turned to the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department for training should such an occurrence happen at the District. Sheriff Dwight Baird was immediate in his response and provided a team that trained our staff should we face a problem in the future. He and the deputies are our local first responders and invaluable partners in safety.

As a business or governmental body serving the residents of Kendall County, I highly recommend you also contact the Sheriff’s Department to setup the same type of training. Sheriff Baird has a team of experts that will collaborate with you to create a plan that will have your staff prepared to handle these troubling situations.

Please contact his office if you would like to setup training at 630-553-7500. It is well worth the phone call.

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