Board of Trustees Message on COVID-19

Although Covid-19 and Coronavirus have unfortunately become part of our lexicon, we at Fox Metro have responded to the best of our abilities. There are no alternatives since wastewater cleaning and reclamation is necessary for the health and safety of our local communities. Fox Metro employees have met and overcome any challenges. Staff has willingly picked up tasks from absent employees and our plant is running exceptionally well.

Of course a critical concern is the health of our staff, and we have worked hard to maintain an extremely clean environment and a flexible schedule that gives employees an opportunity to deal with any health concerns that arise. Upon returning to work, employees are checked for fever or any other signs of the virus. Deep cleaning is done daily, and all surfaces are diligently cleaned throughout the day as well.

We’ve curtailed public interaction to protect both our customers and our staff.    Our main services are still available to our customers, and the billing staff is available to answer any questions or assist with payment inquiries. Once the restrictions have been lifted, we will continue to work with outside agencies to maintain a safe community environment.

Wastewater treatment began over 100 years ago in this country to protect human health from disease.  This latest challenge provides a unique opportunity for Fox Metro to partner in a national testing protocol for tracing Covid-19 in untreated wastewater.  This  information could give communities, hospitals and health agencies advance notification of another wave of the virus in our communities at some later date. Our thorough chemical treatments will kill the virus before it leaves our facility. Meanwhile, we are privileged to continually do our part for the greater good of society.

Judith Sotir, Board President

Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia

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