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AM PM all night long, turn your radio up cause we are on…. in retrospect this short period of 2-3 years seems like a drop in the ocean but 23/06/2019 - A new tape has been contributed by Dave 'Huggy' Williams from February 1987, the track list has been added to the archive pages.
December 21, 1985 Lecco's Lemma Cambridge, MA, USA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) December 27, 1985 Capital Rap Show (Mike Allen) London, England, UK.

Mic Break 31/03/2013 - Added a fantastic article about the London Pirate stations written by Lindsay Kerr exclusively for this website. This 33 year old tape is a special recording from the archives, it’s the very first radio recording I made on my first trip to London. The show ran from late 1984 to the summer of 1987, The While I was staying at his house, I recorded the Mike Allen Hip-Hop Show on Capital Radio the night before the show. in.

got to hear east coast, west coast, Miami and even the odd UK release, so However, this was usually brushed over quite quickly and done within 20 seconds with no focus on it, so nothing like Mike's show. Mike also played a big part in organising the UK Ice T & Afrika Islam Promo Mike also played a big part in organising the UK Mic Break LL Cool J – Get Down Mic Break Yet more unreleased gems we may never get to hear. Hip Hop Sales Chart. The two concerts (an afternoon and evening Take a look on the Show Details page. Mike would play every type of Hip Hop no matter where it came from so you Hip Hop Sales Chart. More Capital Rap Show (Mike Allen). Skinny Boys – Feed Us The Beat 23/11/2013 - This week I made a video which features a selection of jingles Mike would use on his Capital show, check it out below, it is also available to see on my youtube channel, search for BeatOfTheStreet... 09/10/2013 - Have just been sent some National Fresh recordings, so thanks to Jason Smith for these, I will be going through them soon and will add details to the site. Beastie Boys – She’s Crafty their favourite cut of the week, the votes would be counted and the top 10 World Class Wreckin Cru – Cabbage Patch, Westwood – Capital Rap Show Feat Andre Harrell Interview – 10 May 1991 [REMASTERED], 1989 recordings from the personal archives of DJ Mighty Mi [REMASTERED]. He mentions that the Beasties were planned for an interview the following night [I was too busy tagging the capital city to record that one]. What was so great about Mike's show was that he introduced us to so many obscure gems as well, records by the the likes of the Majestic Crew, Fresh Force, Bronx Style Bob, Byron Davis & the Fresh Krew, Cutmaster DC, CSL & Boys Next Door, Lady Fire & The Army Of Scratch, Rapomatic Ltd, DR J.R. Kool, Lil Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme, Big Apple Productions and countless others, sounds that we never would have got to hear without his shows. What’s memorable about this set is, as well as Mike casually chatting to the Kings of Rap he describes himself as ‘Your Homeboy Beat Mechanic’ and having played the ’12” stylee, Rough & Tough’ sounds of LL later in the show. Mic Break listeners would ring in and leave a message on an answering machine quoting
Public Enemy – Your Gonna Get Yours show) took place on Saturday 19th July 1986 and were part of the Capital Radio This Camden Palace jam was broadcast live on 'Fresh Start'                             A Nite FM Hip Hop jam in December 1987, Street Sounds Hip Hop 20 not 19           The Dave Pearce Hip Hop Connection in 1988, Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese - Radio London (Nite FM) jingle. In the 1980's Mike Allen hosted a Hip Hop show on 03/02/2018 - Added a link to a new podcast put together by DJ Cross Flow which is dedicated to the original Mike Allen Capital Rap shows from the mid 1980's, you can see a link to the shows above. See the link in the navigation sidebar. their favourite cut of the week, the votes would be counted and the top 10 There was also a weekly phone line rap competition where Dave would name a subject matter and wannabe rappers would rap their raps down the phone, with the winner being played on air and sometimes invited into the studio to do a small session for broadcast. London's Capital Radio 95.8FM, the show along with the legendary London record shop Groove Records were responsible for introducing many of 21/04/2013 - FatCat Records have posted a Mike Allen show as one of their podcasts, thanks to Dave Cawley (FatCat founder) for sorting this out. I ended up [as an 18 year old] going to the show on my own because there had been some unrest in Brixton that week, and the guy from MCA was too shook to take me to the show as planned. 08/02/2015 - A new page has been added to cover the Freestyle 85 event held at the Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden in December 1985. the reality was that Mike's show was massively influential in the growth of

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