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Timothy Long. Research Faculty Mailcode 6106, Jay Oswald Professor 480-965-1625 480-965-7471 Tempe Campus, ISTB4 377 Climate modeling and predication; remote sensing and environmental predication; geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics. 480-965-5109 480-727-3922 Commercial photography, technical imaging, workflow, pd@asu.edu480-727-1324Polytechnic Campus, TECH 147, Ian DouglasProfessor of PracticeHuman Systems Engineering, Jim HelmProfessor of PracticeInformation Technology, Jim.Helm@asu.edu480-727-3718Polytechnic Campus, SUTON 301M, Govindasamy TamizhmaniResearch ProfessorEngineering Programs, manit@asu.edu480-727-1220Polytechnic Campus, PRLTA 330P, Troy AdamsFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, John Arenare Faculty AssociateEngineering, Kassidy AriasFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Brian AtkinsonFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Steven AustinFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Bryan AzekaFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Dean BarkerFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Kimberly Bauer Faculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Rick BirdFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Karika BridgersFaculty AssociateEnvironmental and Resource Management, Jon BrownFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Kayla BurkholderFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Jeremiah CaseFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Chuxing ChenFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Elliot ChernerFaculty AssociateInformation Technology Programs, Philip ClarkFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Zuzanna CzernyFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Matt DirksFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, John DrewFaculty AssociateAviation Programs, Michelle DsouzaFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Ashley ElliottFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Robert FaerberFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Edward Faith Faculty AssociateAviation Programs, Dwight FarrisFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Alexandra FeslerFaculty AssociateAviation, George FletcherFaculty AssociateEnvironmental and Resource Management, Anthony Gagliardo Faculty AssociateAviation, Bonnie Gagliardo Faculty AssociateAviation, Jonathan Garza Faculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Brandon GattoFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Tracy GibsonFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Gary GrindleFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Ashish GulatiFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Jason GutierrezFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Michael HampshireFaculty AssociateAviation, George HeinzelmanFaculty AssociateEnvironmental and Resource Management, Scott HilleryFaculty AssociateEngineering Program, Melissa HopkinsFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Stevan HunterFaculty AssociateEngineering, Robert HutzelFaculty AssociateEnvironmental and Resource Management, Derek JacksonFaculty AssociateInformation Technology Programs, Michael JamesFaculty AssociateEngineering, Justin KaminskyFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Sara KremerFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Archana KrishnamoorthyFaculty AssociateEngineering, Pramod KumarFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Angela KuwayeFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Michael KuzelFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Betty LauerFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Hilary LeeFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Joonbum LeeFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Bailey LiciaFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Asterisk LoftisFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Narciso MaciaFaculty AssociateEngineering, Macia@asu.edu480-727-15287171 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall, Allan ManzanoFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Gary MarrerFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Benjamin MazzaFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Devon McAslanFaculty AssociateEngineering Programs, Blythe McClureFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Jaimie McNabbFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Mary.Scranton@asu.eduPolytechnic Campus, Sim Building, Erica MilesFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Shaughnn MullerFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Daniel NealFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Alexander NeffFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Katherine NelsonFaculty AssociateEngineering, Douglas NeuckranzFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Robert NullmeyerFaculty AssociateAviation, Savannah OldeschulteFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Simon OswitchFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Clayton PaplaczykFaculty AssociateInformation Technology Programs, Thomas PearsonFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Patricia PerigoFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Georgia PerkeyFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Nicholas PetersonFaculty AssociateEngineering, Victoria PhillipsFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Vistoria.Phillips@asu.edu602-586-3192CNTR 90, Bradley PurdyFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Nguyen QuachFaulty AssociateInformation Technology Programs, Cynthia ReidFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Lauren ReidFaculty AssociateTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Quest RogersFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Robert Salthouse Faculty AssociateEngineering, Richard SauerFaculty AssociateAviation Programs, Achyut ShresthaFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Rajrshi Shrestha Faculty AssociateInformation Technology, Sheetal SohoniFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Matthew SteinmetzFaculty AssociateAviation, Steven TansleyFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Jeffrey ThomasFaculty AssociateHuman Systems Engineering, Jeffrey.A.Thomas@asu.edu480-727-1043Santa Catalina 150P, Thomas Pilar Faculty AssociateEnvironmental and Resource Management, Kahn Van ToorFaculty AssociateGraphic Information Technology, Michael WalshFaculty AssociateInformation Technology, Jeffrey WishartFaculty Associate, Faculty AdjunctEngineering Programs, Nathan ZerkleFaculty AssociateEngineering, Mark HendersonProfessor EmeritusEngineering Programs, John RobertsonProfessor EmeritusManufacturing Engineering, Thomas SchildgenProfessor EmeritusGraphic Information Technology, Prospective Student? Tempe Campus, ENGRC 342 TL. Professor The 14th IEEE International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES 2019) will be held in Cairo, Egypt during December 17-18, 2019. Tempe Campus, ENGRC 259 Tempe Campus, ERC 257

Turbulence, experimental fluid mechanics, laser diagnostics laser instrumentation micro detonation. He works on fluid mechanical problems related to aerospace, atmospheric and chemical industrial applications. 965-2804Tempe campus, BYENG 480, Charles ElliottEmeritus ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Chuck.Elliott@asu.eduCenterpoint 310A, Tempe campus, Adolfo Escobedo Assistant ProfessorIndustrial Engineering. Our faculty of esteemed engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and teachers enhance our national reputation for innovation through significant awards and achievements. Sustainable cooling systems, thermal energy utilization & management, buildings of the future, smart manufacturing, and energy policy.
Chemical engineering, Research Interests Assistant Professor Tempe Campus, ENGRC 483

Chemical engineering, Alexandra.Navrotsky@asu.eduTempe CampusMailcode 6106, Pedro Peralta Research Interests Plasmonic-enhanced light trapping in Si thin film or Si nanowire arrays for photovoltaic. Tempe Campus, ENGRC 242
Advanced energy conversion, micro-tubular flame assisted fuel cells (mT-FFCs), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), microcombustion, two-stage combustors, micro cogeneration, building energy modeling, energy systems modeling and simulation, Ryan.Milcarek@asu.edu480-965-2724Tempe Campus, ENGRC 465Mailcode 6106, Christopher Muhich

480-727-9785 Thermal energy conversion, storage, and transport in nanostructured materials; thermoelectric power generation; thermal storage media; heat transfer, and phonon optics. Mailcode 6106, Julianne Holloway Tempe Campus, ENGRC 351 Professor Chemical engineering. Tempe Campus, ENGRC 427

Mailcode 6106, Matthew GreenAssociate ProfessorChemical engineering, Research InterestsPolymer design and synthesis, Ion-containing block copolymers, water purification and desalination, Ion and water transport through polymer membranes. Tempe Campus, ENGRC 475

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