bard of light

The most mysterious class in Homestuck, and also the one with absolutely no favorable examples in canon because Gamzee and Cronus are both terrible people. So, with all this said. Aye, Looks like I’m going to destroy my friends with my stupidity. They’re the eminent expert on anything Void-related. The Bard of Light would probably either cause people to forget things with their presence, destroying knowledge, or causing everyone to be horribly unlucky. Kind of brings the state of today’s media to mind… But anyway. Thank you! The Bard of Void is most likely a horribly nosy person. Their own solo session. Always thought ADSOM would make a great animated series,, look at the cover for the French edition of a darker shade of magic it’s so pretty @veschwab. I have a number of asks still in my inbox, so I’ll answer those over the next week or so, so as to not keep anyone waiting like a complete asshole. Oh boy, this is a big one. They could create objects, somewhat similar to a Prince, Thief, or Rogue of Void, but much easier. This is the canon classpect of Meenah Peixes. A very useful player for this situation. They would be lazy and unmotivated, the kind of person who naturally fades into the background. Most popular Most recent. I think I kind of rambled with this one, but I wanted to make sure to get across the differences between my classpect and this one. They can heal Time. The Bard of Light would cause a number of Light-related difficulties. Thankfully, we have Dirk Strider in canon to see how a Prince of Heart would affect a session.

So, I haven’t talked much about the effect they’re going to have on your session.

A massive aspect crisis that risks completely destroying the session. Knight of Hope, one who exploits/weaponizes Hope. Not all Witches are like this; Jade was far from condescending or arrogant. Augmented Choral Chapeau Undyed. Bards can still be unpleasant, but not in the same manner a Prince can be. They know what secrets people have, and they can hide their secrets flawlessly. They still need to die to win the game, but that could be easily accomplished with a bit of backstabbing.

Either fortunately or unfortunately, it became a part of their regular lexicon from overuse, and besides it’s a lot faster than saying “you guys” anyway. They’re among the most passive classes in the game, after all. As your session’s Space player, they’re tasked with breeding the Genesis Frog and creating the new universe. I could see them doing something like seducing the Black King or Queen. Thieves are bound to be a source of irritation in any session they’re in.

They want everyone to love them. But Light is the aspect of knowledge, fortune, luck, and importance. Every single one of us. I’m going to give this session a 0/10 if they can’t get their act together (again, you cannot win Sburb if you play it as a competition), and 7/10 when unified. Possibly with an actual Game Over-like occurrence happening in your session. search glamours using the same piece. Alright then, the Rogue of Light! Every Bard in canon was loathed by their teammates, even moreso than the Thieves, who we just got done establishing were usually massive assholes. Either way, tragedy is just waiting for the Heir of Doom. It's where your interests connect you with your people. All kinds of romantic drama is waiting in this session, and the Sylph of Blood will have to repair the inevitably damaged bonds of the team. The most frightening possibility is this Thief doing something similar to what Meenah in canon did. For Change and Stealing you Redirect things elsewhere. Everyone else is mainly supportive, so large-scale team battles might be a little difficult. They would always question and challenge Light, wondering why attention and relevance go to some people but not others, or why some people are naturally lucky. This one would most likely be the same. The Knight brings with them misfortune. Sburb, at its core, is a team game. Have they got it cut out for them.

Combined with this being a Light player, the aspect whose players are always important to the session, the Witch will definitely be very important.

This is arguably one of the strongest Maids. Alright then. Princes’ sessions have an excess of their aspect. The Rogue also could do a similar trick to many Light and Void players. There’s an excess of emotions and romance in their session. They can take the attention and spotlight from one person and give it to someone else. Much like the Prince of Blood, they would be indifferent and independent. Just think of how much better everything in canon Homestuck could have gone if there had just been a Sylph of Blood…, This session in itself has a decent success rate.

The answer actually is simpler than you might expect it to be. The active counterpart is the Prince of Void (hey look it’s me!) I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. Vriska sought to be important all the time, taking charge of everything and pushing others out of the spotlight. Homework, video games, lack of motivation, etc. Sylph of Blood, one who creates/heals Blood, or with Blood. Now, Mr. Satan might not seem like a good person at first, especially considering how he stole the merit of defeating Cell from the main heroes and lived off them. Maids start out relying on other people for their aspect, and eventually become made, or Maid, of their aspect. If the Sylph can keep everything in order, it’ll be successful, but otherwise… Not so much. Sorry about the rather negative review of this session. The Thief of Mind is a very problematic player, and if given too much freedom risks dooming even a unified session. The Bard of Light would probably either cause people to forget things with their presence, destroying knowledge, or causing everyone to be horribly unlucky. A Witch of Light would probably feel that they were always correct; that their information was the right info, and everyone else was wrong. At worst, your session may already have its fate spelled out for it via lack of importance. Maid of Mind, one who creates/creates with Mind. I’m not entirely sure how they could impact the session.

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