chinese guest etiquette

Wait for your guest to offer a toast before drinking alcohol.

It is important for guests at a Chinese wedding to be aware of the meaning of certain colors in what they choose to wear. Chinese hospitality consists of keeping the guest occupied. The cups of the younger or the person who toasts should be lower. On the first meeting Chinese will often refer to someone as their “friend” if they wish the relationship to develop, or something beneficial to come out of the acquaintance. – congratulations! If you are invited by a Chinese family, bring some gifts as a polite gesture. Traditionally, the Chinese wedding ceremony was complicated and subject to very particular rules of reverence, etiquette and obligation. Nowadays, it is acceptable for guests to attend the wedding wearing black or white without causing offense.

In China, if one receives a gift, invitation or hospitality treatment from someone, usually he/she will offer back to the one when it is suitable. In China, either the host or the guest or both may give gifts, and the value of a gift is often governed by the price.

I have to admit, while I love seeing Chinese brides showing off loads of different outfits, I wouldn’t want to do this myself – it sounds like a lot of work! Guests will be immediately served tea whether you want it or not. 2. Guests will often not only be accompanied to the street, but also have the host hanging around with them until a taxi or other transport arrives. However, networking and building relationships is a key part of progressing in life and doing business in China. This will seem to someone from the West to be rather premature. It is becoming more and more popular for foreigners to be invited into Chinese homes for dinner. You can use a toothpick at the table, but make sure you cover your mouth with your free hand. And that’s how I feel, too. So, some parts of the day will feel familiar to you, others definitely won’t! See Chinese Dining Etiquette to learn more about Chinese table manners. The host will stand closer to, sit closer to and walk in closer proximity to the guest than in the West. This goes far beyond the front door! It is impolite to request a drink or request an alternate beverage. This phrase is always followed by an uncomfortable silence after I say it. In Chinese tradition, the number nine symbolizes a long-lasting relationship, and the wedding banquet often consists of nine courses to reflect this. Have any questions about an upcoming wedding? The only occasion when spitting is “tolerated” in Taiwan is when chewing beetle nuts.

The mother or wife is typically the person who will prepare the meal. Just like a Western wedding, this usually takes place in a big hotel or restaurant ballroom. On Chinese New Year, adults give red envelopes to children.As a foreigner, you are not expected to give red envelopes to anyone. In the West the guest tries to respect the ways of the host. If you have a Chinese guest, make sure you have some type of drink ready as required by etiquette. Walking around hand in hand is common. If you attend a wedding party, the art deco, bouquet or something practical is the best choice. We all know the feeling when you receive a wedding invite in the mail. At the beach, most Chinese girls don’t wear bikinis because dark skin isn’t appreciated in Chinese culture, so don’t be surprised if all the men stare at you if you wear one. It’s important to be punctual for the appointment. So I’ll try to keep it very simple here and only give you the most important tips you’ll need to know in order to save your own face and to avoid making Chinese people lose theirs. Tea Serving Etiquette is one of the traditional Chinese etiquette which has a history of more than 3000 years. It’s good manners to ensure your host knows exactly when you’ll be arriving and leaving so they can prepare their home for guests. Guest should appreciate the tea, and try to avoid drinking a big mouthful of tea. If the guest leaves by train, the host will not only see the visitor to the station, but also wait on the platform until the train leaves. One other key difference I’ve noticed is this. 7. (gōng xǐ gōng xǐ!) The number 4 is unlucky as it sounds like “death” in Mandarin Chinese, so don’t give any amount that has a 4 in it like 2400NT. Help will be offered to you and any refusal will be accepted first time. The water should not be too hot and the tea should not be serving too full on a cup. A basic guide is to give even numbers (which are good for couples), but avoid the number four – the Chinese word for four – 四 (sì)  sounds like 死 (sǐ)  – death, and so is considered unlucky.

Also, if your plane is delayed, they can easily track when you will arrive. They are not gods. If you attend a wedding, you’ll have to give a red envelope with your name on it. Don’t get offended if people make noise or burp while eating. Why not? All our tours can be customized to your own pace, and free time can be built into any itinerary. A repeated refusal may be a relief to the host sometimes, but acceptance of a generous gift on the other hand an honor, and a symbol of a good relationship. Don’t use your own chopsticks to pick food from the central dishes. Leaving a small amount of food is good manners. Click here to Log in, Chinese Weddings: How to be a Great Guest. You can’t give coins, so don’t give 1888NT. You don’t have to be extra polite or show more respect to people who aren’t nice with you, no matter what age they are. Odd numbers are also bad. Be graceful and … © 2019 Yoyo Chinese Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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