history of yoga

itsveryopenculter. For thousands of years, people have incorporated Yoga into their daily lives and spiritual practices in their own unique ways. This is the first known text on yoga that is devoted entirely to the physical practice of yoga, suggesting that yoga as a form of exercise was already underway in the 1700s and 1800s. I am a human being who seeks God and yoga helps me access Him in the most tangible and directly connected way – through my physical body, the one given to me by Him. Yoga is included in those practices and beliefs.

I appreciate your comments on the age of this article, I’m simply posting here so anyone interested in the topic (you must be to have read this far) can have a good reference based on actual scientific research by scholar-practitioners and make their own minds up.

There are 1 billion Hindus but 94% live in one country.

– A state of calm balance, the transcendence of the lower self, and the union with the higher self. Instead, the early texts spotlight meditation and subtle body energies such as chakras and Kundalini. Hi Mike, I’m sorry to hear you feel discouraged upon starting your study of yoga. Hi Varun, I think we just need to agree to disagree about your idea that yoga cannot be practiced separately from Hinduism. Thank you varun!

Reference the various discussions here about relationship between Hinduism and Yoga: Hinduism can be called a collaborative religion or a way of life. It is in PEACE OF MIND and doing good deeds. I appreciate this brief summary on the history of yoga. In Patanjali’s yoga sutras, he elucidated eight limbs of yoga practice, namely -  Yama (social ethics), Niyama (personal ethics), Asana (postures), Pranayama (life force), Pratyahara (turning the senses inwards), Dharana (one-pointed focus), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (merging with the self). You want sources to discredit the notion that yoga and Hinduism are two separate traditions.Bhagavad gita which is a hindu text ask us to do yoga. The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning to unite; the union of the individual self with the supreme self. Hatha yoga, as taught in modern yoga, promotes physical as well as mental being through the medium of asanas.

To know more about the Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program, join this introductory yoga class for FREE. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, … candidate of a correct program in Yoga Philosophy here in the West at a private university.

since you are teaching yoga, you should render service to this tradition by taking responsibility by publishing some of these texts.

If you look through our website it should be clear that we consistently and passionately respect the origins and history of yoga and take extreme care to not promote cultural appropriation and superficiality.

However, there are no written records to  prove this conclusively.

lululemon athletica, now among the world’s top 100 apparel and fitness brands, started its humble beginnings in 1998 selling its first pair of yoga pants.

Here’s the first one we could find: Yoga With Adriene, one of the most successful YouTube channels of all time, focuses on sharing high quality asana flows that practitioners can follow in the comfort of their own home. Hi Timothy. Please advise.

To do this, our yoga practice and all of the benefits we may receive from our practice must be seen as an offering to something greater than ourselves.

I am getting started and your site is a good resource.

There are 4 commonly accepted Pillars of Yoga: Raja Yoga (the Yoga of the mind and emotions), Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of love and devotion), Karma Yoga (the Yoga of inspired action and service), Jnana Yoga (the Yoga of inner wisdom and knowledge).

Among many things, he goes into great specificity about the Yogic diet, the chemistry of Pranayama, why Yogis prefer meditating in caves, and the health benefits of asanas and breathing techniques. Patanjali later defines the eight limbs of yoga (or the eightfold path): Mastery of each limb would take a practitioner closer and closer to Samadhi, a state of consciousness where the mind is completely absorbed in oneness. I do not like the divine practise as yoga has been reduced by so many to commercial businne and I do not like that nobody mention Lord Krishna the father of all yoga practice I do nolike it is by many confused as a pactice of hinduism No where will find Vedas or Mahabarat the verb hindu JeiSri Krishna. With gratitude. Timothy, I see great value in the Yoga practice that includes the eight limbs.

The asan was added much later during the “Classical Yoga” period. And that it was a practice of Yogis to place people with illness beneath particular trees, depending on their condition.

They are correct.

To me it is meaningless discussion. This treatise is said to have been a major influence on the great sage Patanjali as he compiled his “Yoga Sutras”, perhaps the most important Yogic text of all time.

Thank you for such a thoughtful response. If you go to Wikipedia pages related to Hinduism, yogas 90% of time they quote western indologist,western intellectuals who are not even hindus to define what Hinduism is for the world.They should quote Hindus at least 50% for fair understanding of Hinduism. Most of my responses here have been towards Indians who take a very dogmatic approach to Hinduism and believe that Westerners are being disrespectful of their religion or culture if they practice yoga without being a Hindu, or specifically, they seem very upset if someone writes a history on yoga without mentioning their religion.

Interesting to say the least. Anyway, I think the anger is wasted as ‘we have to play the cards we’re dealt.’. This concept of yoga (along with various physical postures or asanas) that has got recent attention globally, can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization. ;;;Yogis-whom you called Mystic Sages…use to perform 8.4 million postures in their yogi life to get human life again…You know Yog connects to unseen spiritual world which you can’t with your these physical eyes…. Also known as the Vedanta, the “highest purpose of the Veda”, these texts are among the most important in Indian culture.

Yogananda’s influence on the West was most notable, and five years after his arrival he established the Self-Realization Leadership in Los Angeles, CA where it still remains today. so u cant separate hinduism n yoga.

Is sound a religion, because it seems most people make it, use it, believe in it, even if they are deaf or mute, sound can be made with the body.

Others believe it goes back more than 10,000 years. They are not meant to stand on their own because they assume that each student has proper qualifications (namely having studied/is studying the shruti). Yoga is not a religion, which is why so many Christians find that their yoga practice deepens and enriches their faith and connection to God.

Yoga sutra of patanjali is also hindu religious text. So, how well do you really know yoga? i largely support your views Tim. Consciousness can be unfair and cruel and even sad and mad – look at the baby animals eaten by other animals higher in the food chain – or the venus fly trap and its carnivorous appetite for flys. lyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois, developed and popularized Iyengar and Ashtanga, two of the most well-known systems of modern yoga. Self-realization is needed for all humans because it sets them free and a great way to live life.

Essentially, it could be considered the first yoga workout text. Further reading:Brittanica - YogacharaAmazon Books - Inside Vasabandhu's Yogacara. One can not wake up a person pretending to be asleep.

I get that some people are a little peed off. Now if you are closing your eye trying to concentrate, trying to defocus sitting in lotus position trying to relax that thing you are trying to do is not meditation if you do not believe in GOD INSIDE you and wanting to CONNECT with it.

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