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The Mirror and the Light charts his downfall, and as The Atlantic points out, “Cromwell’s charisma is never allowed to dissipate”. The women of the title are not just those murdered—they are the witness, the investigating detective, and the grieving mother, whose perspectives are masterfully knit together for a deeply felt narrative of the toll violence takes on a community. From Prep to American Wife, Curtis Sittenfeld has built a name for herself as contemporary fiction’s foremost chronicler of WASP America. Read on. ), I compiled this list of the 12 best new books of fall 2020. is signature Irby — honest, dry and the kind of funny that truly induces laughter. When she was 12 years old, Azere promised her father she would marry a fellow Nigerian. A modern retelling of Noah’s Ark, Millet’s tale is of a group of idle, wealthy friends and their feral children. In her latest collection, the writer—now approaching 40 and living a Pinterest-ified version of the American dream in a small Midwestern town—turns her addictively bummed-out wit to topics like “lesbian bed death” and the difficulty of making adult friendships. “Cline is particularly good at locking in the witty detail that speaks volumes,” says The Times. The group must settle in the Wilderness State, a huge, untamed expanse of land that has never been inhabited by humankind, until now. Then come confrontations with colleagues and a surprise encounter with a classmate. Desiree returns home 14 years later, while her sister Stella has seemingly vanished, having taken on a white persona. —AG, Pochoda's take on L.A. noir is a refreshing and innovative outlier. “Over the last couple years I have had to learn to live in a house, and that is one of the hardest and most boring things I’ve ever had to do,” she writes in an essay that lists off hilarious questions related to maintaining a home. Biden Won, but We Can’t Go Back to Brunch, Mercury Is in Scorpio, Bringing Intense Feelings, This iPhone Feature = The Key to Better Dating RN, Just Some Cute, Trendy Shower Curtains For Ya, Why Yes You Should Shop Emma Roberts' Cover Look, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Veronica Roth—the author of a little franchise you may know by the name of Divergent—sets out to answer this question in her adult debut, which follows five former teenage heroes as they make sense of the trauma they were left with after saving the world. The New York Times describes the novel as “lyrical” and “remarkable”, and Hirut as an “indelible and compelling hero”. on Bookshop | Amazon. We have compiled a list of the 8 best fiction books you can read in 2020, which will blow your mind. At a time when the true-crime industrial complex is enjoying an unprecedented golden age, what does it look like to tell a serial-killer story centered not on the murderer’s crimes but on the lives he’s ruined? What would have happened if Hillary Rodham had never married Bill Clinton? Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it: Pairs well with a PSL. “These expertly constructed stories withhold key information... the pleasures here lie in an appreciation of Cline’s skilful and absorbing craft.”. Buy Now: Wow, No Thank You. A year after rising star Grace Turner mysteriously disappeared from Hollywood, she suddenly reappears on the scene, just in time to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to director Able Yorke—her longtime abuser. “The bawdiest humour, the biggest heart,” is how the Irish Times describes Samantha Irby’s collection of essays, Wow, No Thank You. Join BBC Culture Book Club on Facebook, a community for literature fanatics all over the world. Thirty years later, and Tully has some news. It is, “an urgent, lucid, courageous account,” says David Mitchell in the Guardian. The story begins in 2000 at a New England boarding school, where 15-year-old Vanessa Wye falls for her charismatic English teacher and re- counts their romance. —AG, A husband eager to escape it all and his reluctant wife leave their Connecticut lives for a yearlong Caribbean voyage with their two children. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. —JK, Boasting arguably the most eye-catching cover of the year, Godshot, from debut author Chelsea Bieker, is an unnerving tour de force. As the women navigate various challenges, their tentative bond evolves. The absorbing power of Offill’s spare but striking prose grounds the book’s frenetic structure, culminating in an unnerving look at a world where a constant flow of disquieting information can’t be escaped. The problem: She can’t figure out whether or not anyone has actually been killed. It is a glimpse of a saner world. And Jenny Offill takes a clever approach to tackling the anxieties that are synonymous with life in the 21st century. “If ever there was a perfect time for a new Anne Tyler novel, it’s now,” says the Wall Street Journal. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. But then, fine, once September rolls around. With her debut title, award-winning journalist Talusan turns her talents to memoir to chart her path from childhood in a rural Philippine village to adult life as a white-passing trans woman in American academia. As she travels across the U.S., surveying and chronicling the experiences of immigrants living in New York, Miami, Cleveland, New Haven, and Flint, Cornejo Villavicencio introduces us to the people who perform some of America’s most essential services while unequivocally destroying the right-wing talking points that villainize the undocumented. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. In Poor, Caleb Femi blends poetry and photography to look at the hopes, dreams and tribulations of young black boys in 21st-Century south London. “A blistering classic,” is how the Washington Post describes Pulitzer finalist Lydia Millet’s new novel A Children’s Bible. 16 Perf Gifts for Your Book-Loving BFF. Our favorite books of 2020 report on issues ranging from teenage sexuality to Big Tech, while also telling deeply human stories of identity, romance, and family. The dangers of gentrification turn very literal in romance veteran Alyssa Cole’s unputdownable new thriller. Her central character, the twenty-something New Yorker Edie, is living a life at once highly relatable (her city apartment woes will have you nodding with sad recognition) and genuinely unorthodox (she moves in with the wife and child of the man she’s having a fling with). “Weather achieves a rare triumph… it’s an uncannily realistic portrait of what it’s like to be alive right now,” says the Telegraph. It is, says the Washington Post, “brilliant… the deceptively casual flow of her stories belies their craft, a profound intelligence sealed invisibly behind life’s mirror”. Apeirogon by Colum McCann is based on the true story of this friendship, and has been widely praised. As the Scotsman observes: “It is disconcertingly honest and self-revealing. Poignant and raw, the novel explores faith, science, religion, and love within a family of Ghanian immigrants. A ship takes 2,000 refugees from the Spanish Civil War to Chile in 1939. For proof, look no further than I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, the writer’s latest collection of melancholic adult fairy tales. —JK, Douglas Stuart’s first novel steps into the literary lineage of Joyce’s Dubliners. Now, she turns her literary lens away from wry observation and towards the realm of one particularly topical what-if: What would have happened if Hillary Rodham had never agreed to marry Bill Clinton? This widely acclaimed, Booker-nominated story centres on the relationship between mother and son. The Booker Prize describes it as: “At once a blazing lament of our contempt for nature… and what it means to be human, The New Wilderness is an extraordinary, compelling novel for our times.”, This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga, Tambudzai is a young woman attempting to make a life for herself in downtown Harare. In The Resisters, author Gish Jen combines that premise with the anxiety around climate change. The past year gave us a couple of unputdownable works of fiction, each of which is gems in their own rights. The community is swept up in the words of a “pastor” who doles out “assignments” that promise to bring back the rain, and as Lacey navigates the confusion and horror of this false prophecy, she turns to a community of women to teach her the truth. The book has become a bestseller and has been widely praised. Full of her usual compassion, empathy and joyfulness, it is classic Tyler, and has been highly praised. Love books? I Am Not Your Baby Mother by Candice Brathwaite. The answer might look something like These Women, Ivy Pochoda’s novel about five very different women in the rapidly gentrifying L.A. neighborhood of West Adams. —Melissa Giannini, In Francesca Momplaisir’s terrifyingly dark first novel, Lucien leaves Haiti for Queens with his family and settles in a home he calls “My Mother’s House.” As he sinks into depraved evil and torturous violence against women, the house is watching and waiting. Petty, in her debut work, shows an extraordinary mastery of form, using devices as disparate as short horror screenplays, letters, marked-up college essays, and, of course, straight prose to tell a complex and timely story. If you are wanting light-hearted book club books for 2020, you’ve found the perfect choice in socially awkward Eleanor Oliphant. The seemingly random act of violence is just the start of James McBride’s humorous, electric and heartfelt book — his first novel since the 2013 National Book Award winner The Good Lord Bird. We found the best fiction books of 2020, ranging from historical fiction to romance, fantasy, and even creepy thrillers and mystery. —BK, In this eye-opening anthology about climate change, an impressive cast of contributors including Edwidge Danticat, Mohammed Hanif, and Margaret Atwood reflect on how the grim horror of our current ecological reality is being felt around the world. They share a magical, euphoric weekend in Manchester. Her stories, says the New York Review of Books, “no matter how often you read them, are an endlessly rich and renewing source of pleasure and inspiration”. Sleep. Seeing her career spread before you is striking, and Ball sheds light on Pelosi's extreme tenacity, drive, and commitment, with a few surprising details thrown in. The coming-of-age premise leads to something much larger as Paul Yoon propels his young characters into adulthood, where they’re haunted by the pain of their shared past. Drawing on her Chippewa heritage, the National Book Award winner constructs a portrait of a community fighting for survival in The Night Watchman. Leave the World Behind casts us all as disaster preppers, asking which of our quotidian possessions—the cell phone, the grocery list, the Airbnb, the family, the society—will save us. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. The 20 Best Young Adult Books of 2020. —R. Promise. We follow Afi Tekple as she learns to adjust to her new sitch: She has a married a man she doesn't know and has moved from her small hometown to the big city of Accra to be with him. The families have rented a mansion for the summer, and then a massive hurricane hits. Now his new book The Death of Comrade President, translated by Helen Stevenson, has also been well received. Majumdar draws each character with heartbreaking tenderness, her plot moving breathlessly without ever sacrificing feeling. When she runs into her college nemesis, Gus—now an acclaimed author of literary fiction—the two strike a deal: Each will write a novel in the other’s genre, both will sell their books for lots of money, and under no circumstances will they fall in love with each other. Refresh and try again. Fans of the genre-defying post-apocalyptic novel Station Eleven, rejoice: Emily St. John Mandel is back with a new novel that weaves otherworldly elements throughout the storyline of a modern financial thriller. Its premise: Cal Hooper wanted to peace TFO of his stressful and painful past, but a local tragedy in his picturesque new life makes it hard. Eric Thomas, This debut novel—so sharp and beautiful it feels anything but—positions Megha Majumdar as a brilliant new talent. In 2020’s breakout debut, a young Black New Yorker named Edie starts dating a middle-aged white man in an open marriage.

Is It Safe To Swim In Percy Priest Lake, Anoop Menon Age, National Central University Tuition Fee, What Does Persimmon Pie Taste Like, Where Can I Purchase Concord Grapes, Dltb Bus Schedule To Nasugbu Batangas, Rent Agreement Pdf, Foothill High School Ranking, Nose Icon Png, Sport Nova Scotia Board Of Directors, Wood Art Ideas, Sony Home Theater System Low Volume, Surfin Meeple Room 25 Ultimate Board Game, Variegated Lily Turf Plant, New Construction Ashburnham, Ma, Guru Yoga Mantra, Dog Friendly Vacations Missouri, Desperate Housewives Style, Wheelchair Wheel Covers Design, Diesel Distressed Sneakers, How To Stop Gas After Eating Beans, Sickle Cell Anemia Inheritance,

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