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Thus homesteaders had to endure nuisances, including field mice, insects and garter snakes which continued to live in their traditional environment—the natural sod—even if it did form a wall. For most, however — especially before roads, canals and railways provided communication and transportation of goods — pioneering on all of Canada's frontiers meant isolation, deprivation and hardship. Pioneers adapted familiar institutions such as churches, schools, local government, and the web of social manners and customs, to new conditions. Pioneering life was integral to family life and provided social stability for the settlement of a larger population across the country. “He asked if I needed a wall vent or a ceiling vent,” she recalled. Residents of turf huts did not grow old. The effectiveness of Addison’s creative building approach was confirmed decades later. But game, fish and wildfowl were abundant in most places, and home gardens, dairy cattle and domestic fowl soon led to a more rounded and appetizing menu. In Friesland is not exactly known when the last spitkeet disappeared: In Jubbega, after the Second World War, there were still a few of the districts there. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? “I don’t even notice it any more,” says McTaggart as she leads me into the back of the house. It was constructed with traditional settler methods, using what was available. These simple techniques greatly improved the structural integrity of the walls. Sod House . Canvas or plaster often lined the interior walls. The original dwelling was often then converted to a stable. And, critically, “he hollowed out the top of every layer.” When the sod dried it would crumble in on itself—toward the centre of gravity—and not fall away to the outside or inside of the wall.

Living in a sod house for any length of time became a mark of shame and poverty in the eyes of some, but Gardiner noted that was never a concern of the family. Pioneer diet depended on local produce and was generally nourishing but monotonous. She is researching the lives of pioneer families on the western Canadian prairies and recently completed a book on the role of children, published in 2009 by University of Alberta Press and titled, Heavy Burdens on Small Shoulders: the labour of pioneer children on the Cana­dian prairies. By the middle of the 1880's, grasshopper and breaking plows were developed, and they greatly simplified the cutting of sod for use in homes. One has endured nearly a century. Providing fuel for the huge fireplaces, which were usually the dwelling's only source of heat, was a constant chore. Prairie grass has a much thicker, tougher root structure … A well-dressed childhood moment at the Addison Sod House in 1912. History: “Electricity came in with Tommy Douglas,” she recalled. Blankets or cowhides were used as room dividers; paraffin-soaked flour sacks for windows; newspapers for wallpaper, reports Rollings-Magnusson. In some places in the Netherlands, tourists can spend the night in a specially built and furnished sod hut. The characteristic co-operative principle found expression in community work parties — also known as bees — for house building, barn raising, clearing fields and making quilts. Sod houses were cheap to build, sturdy, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Charlie Pierce, Member of the Sod House Society, and chairs the committee for reconstruction, said it was high time for the house to be rebuilt. To minimize breakdown from freezing cycles, it was best to select deep-rooted sod from a dry slough. All rights reserved. Turf house used in early colonial North America, Unusually well appointed interior of a sod house, North Dakota, 1937. The photos on this page were taken at three different turf house reconstructions: at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada; at Þjóðveldisbær in Þjórsárdalur, Iceland; and at Eiríksstaðir in Haukadalur, Iceland. At that time there were still a number of wooden shacks in that region, which are sometimes also referred to as ‘spit chain’. The last turf hut in Drenthe, on the Eerste Groene Dijk south of Emmer-Erfscheidenveen , disappeared in 1949. Sod House (Cleo Springs, Oklahoma), also known as Marshall McCully Sod House, NRHP-listed Shaggy huts also existed in the peat areas in Flanders. The sod house or soddy[1] was an often used alternative to the log cabin during frontier settlement of the Great Plains of Canada and the United States.

Apart from these improvements, the soddies were crude. While the influence of the sod house cannot be overlooked, stone or timber was preferred. Gustav Rohrich Sod House, Bellwood, Nebraska, NRHP-listed Fax: (403) 772-2123 Pioneers on fur-trading, lumbering, mining and ranching frontiers were usually single men. The cabins were to be found on the undivided heathlands that lay outside the esdorpen, often in the vicinity of large peatlands where a surplus of workers arose at the end of the 19th century. “We didn’t think it was possible, but it did come in the 1950s.” Because the walls were of sod, the electrical cables to this day are visible on their surface rather than the standard routing inside a wall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Addison Sod House is a Saskatchewan homestead site made of grass or sod which is over a hundred years old and has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. “After they smoothed the interior walls with a mud plaster, cotton cloth was pasted into the mud, and wallpaper was then glued over the cotton to complete the sealing of the structure.”. Minor Sod House, McDonald, Kansas, NRHP-listed Pioneer houses varied according to local building materials and the newcomers' origins and means. During her research, she searched for settlers’ written memoirs.

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