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Given the cost of hearing aids, many people choose Personal Sounds Amplification Products (PSAPs) instead because they are cheaper and easier to get. Thankfully, there are some companies that are taking the needs of seniors into consideration. Big Button Cordless/Corded Phone with Answering Machine $229.00 (incl GST) This can make it much easier for seniors to understand what is being said to them. 50 Name & Number Phone BookThe simple to use phonebook stores 50 names and numbers for quick dial out. Having an answering machine is handy for those missed calls because you can still get important messages and know that someone called. Here are more detailed reviews of these phones with an explanation of why I chose them as a top pick.

The best phones for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s use pictures for automatic dialing, automatically hangup if the phone is left off the hook, and have minimal buttons. zE.hide(); This cordless phone offers a photo dial system which means seniors don’t have to remember the numbers of the people they want to call. 41+ Great Gifts For People in Nursing Homes, Elderly Gag Gifts Even YOUR Grandma Will Find Funny, Creative Food Gift Baskets For The Elderly, Perfectly Practical Gifts For Seniors They Will Actually Use, About Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS and Graying With Grace, Answering machine can record up to 17 minutes of incoming messages, Phone includes noise reduction, allowing clear calls from noisy locations, Phone provides audio and visual call alerts, Handset is heavy and can be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, Some users have had issues with Panasonic’s customer service department, Easy to accidentally change volume settings, The phone comes with talking prompts that provide guidance during the setup process, Extra-large earcup makes the phone more comfortable to use, One-touch SOS button makes it easy to call for help, Only four numbers can be programmed with photo dial, Additional handsets and other accessories must be purchased separately, Mute button is located next to talk button, Specifically designed for seniors with hearing loss, Voicemail indicator makes it easy to see new messages, Phone can easily be connected to assistive listening devices or, Sound quality drops when speakerphone settings are used, Pressing talk button can disconnect calls when the handset is connected to the charger, Phone’s design means accidental button presses are common, Inexpensive phone system that can easily be upgraded, Bilingual caller ID makes this phone ideal for Spanish speakers, Answering machine can record up to 17 minutes of messages, Limited features for users that are hard of hearing, No flashing light indicator for voicemail, Handset does not have plug-in functionality, Phone directory can be programmed with up to 50 numbers, Ringer can temporarily be silenced when seniors are sleeping, Remote answering system allows messages to be accessed from anywhere, Volume settings aren’t appropriate for users that are hard of hearing, Internal clock has to be reset after power outage, sSome customers report issues with AT&T’s support.

It’s important for seniors to have phones that they can comfortably use. Here are some of the best hearing aid alternatives to consider. They are also convenient for making calls if the handset has been misplaced.

High contrast backlit displayHigh contrast backlit display with enlarged easy to read characters. '*': 'Contact the Vision Store' Even when there’s no power, the phone can operate for up to 3 hours of continuous use.
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