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In 2012, de Lestrade released a two-hour follow-up that continued the story. This unsettling French film about a surgeon (Pierre Brasseur) who kidnaps young women in the hopes he can restore the beauty of his daughter (Édith Scob) who was in a disfiguring car accident by grafting their faces to hers is a study in restraint. Two more episodes were filmed in 2011, when Peterson was granted a new trial, and three more were filmed in 2016. At 2:40 a.m. on December 9, 2001, Durham, North Carolina-based novelist Michael Peterson made a frantic call to 911 to report an accident. So there was evidence to support the verdict. And as I said in the documentary, it really caused me to second-guess myself in terms of, “Did I really read what was going on in the courtroom correctly?

Reflecting on The Staircase and Michael Peterson’s case for The Daily Beast in 2013, de Lestrade revealed that he never intended to come back to the story once the original series was in the can. Though de Lestrade knew that there was something different about Peterson’s case, even he couldn’t imagine the number of turns it would take over the next 15-plus years. Or to look for what happened that night. I think a lot of people had these stereotypes from “Law & Order,” or whatever. It was wrenching to watch as Michael Peterson, bound at the wrists, was swept into the car that would take him to prison for the rest of his life. The series has consumed director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s life for the last 15 years. I think it may have helped me keep my composure. And recognize that I acted in an ethical way, and recognize that I was prepared and professional, and no matter what happened I maintained my composure.

Accusations and affairs. Thornhill's race to clear his name is bolstered by some legendary scenes, including the famous cropduster chase, and a riveting Bernard Herrmann score. Not with that jury. (Editor’s note: Rudolf and Pfeiffer were married 11 years ago, long before the final five episodes were filmed.) Any avid true crime fan has at least heard of My Favorite Murder, the popular podcast that premiered in 2016. The Staircase was intended to be a companion piece about how the justice system functions for wealthy white men compared to black teenagers. “When I finally completed The Staircase in September 2004, I felt as emotionally drained as David Rudolf did at the end of the film,” he wrote. Like “Making a Murderer,” or “Serial.” ... And we’ll have the producer there, so that broadens the discussion beyond the case, into the process, and the documentary as a film form. Only their sibling bond and an indomitable will to survive can help them endure the upheaval. Well, the verdict was really the killer for me. “For them, it was clear that was the motive of the killing,” he said. Peterson’s nearly two-decade long battle with the justice system started in 2001, when he placed a frantic 911 call, during which Peterson said he found his wife unconscious at the bottom of a staircase at their North Carolina home. It was a really tough time in my life, on a personal level, dealing with that. I mean, it wasn’t like I was in bumf--- North Carolina. (Laughing.) “Life is really full of surprises. De Lestrade himself has acknowledged that the story became much more complicated and sprawling than he could have ever anticipated. Needless to say, Rudolf — now 69 and goateed instead of fully bearded, still practicing law out of his offices in Charlotte’s South End — is getting recognized in a lot more places that are a lot closer to home. Peterson was reported to be. “But, at the same time, there was a kind of mystery about this man. (Editor’s note: Rudolf and Pfeiffer were married 11 years ago, long before the final five episodes were filmed.) In retrospect, I can see the humor in it. It's a case that inspires countless different opinions (and even one odd theory about an owl) but you'll be able to make up your mind for yourself when The Staircase premieres on Netflix. One is because, well, you ended up marrying one of the reporters who was covering the case. In a meta twist, the way the various revelations are parceled out in episodes of The Staircase has made the series a cultural touchstone in its own right, to the point where it was parodied in an NBC sitcom starring John Lithgow. Q. I saw you put a good explanation of it on your website. The completed docuseries made its television premiere one year later, first in England and then in America (on the Sundance Channel). I mean, from an ego standpoint, would it have been nice to get a not guilty? Was I missing something?” There was nothing that I second-guessed myself on in terms of the actual choices I made during the trial, but I second-guessed my ability to comprehend what was happening in the courtroom. This is followed by a period of unconsciousness, during which she either hemorrhages to death or asphyxiates to death.”, Given that the newest installments of The Staircase involve Peterson entering an Alford plea (a plea deal in which the defendant maintains his or her innocence, but acknowledges that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict them) to the charge of voluntary manslaughter, and walking free, it’s doubtful we’ll see new episodes of the series. — but the comments I get are really, really affirming. And I think my ability to do that masked for me the inability of your normal Durham juror — particularly a juror who might be religious, who might be going to church frequently — to do that. The Staircase arguably helped spawn all these shows, but what characterizes it now, 14 years after the release of its first eight episodes, is a distinct feeling of passivity. It’s been great for me personally, just in terms of making me feel like people recognize the work I did. The plot thickened when during the trial it was revealed that while Peterson was living in Germany Elizabeth Ratliff, a female friend of his, died after collapsing and falling down the stairs, suffering similar injuries to Kathleen. Thomas B. Metzloff, a law professor at Duke University who was one of Michael and Kathleen’s neighbors at the time of her death, told The News & Observer that The Staircase is required viewing for his students—though he disagrees with the documentary’s suggestion that Peterson did not get a fair trial. All rights reserved.

As it turned out, he was right. They had a real story, which lasted until May 2017. And I was close with all the reporters. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 19 total rooms. The collective first eight eps, in a differently edited form with a different intro, was first released in 2004/05, and was titled The Staircase here in U.S.. An update, The Staircase 2 was offered in 2012/13 and much of this material comprises Netflix episodes 9 and 10.

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