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Fox Metro Tour Group Safety Information and Expectations

Thank you for your interest in a tour of Fox Metro Water Reclamation District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant! We hope that your group finds the tour fun and educational. Keep in mind that the wastewater treatment plant is a working facility. The tour route includes stairs and uneven surfaces and passes by operating machinery. The district takes the safety of staff and visitors very seriously, and asks that visitors to the plant take safety seriously as well. To help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, please review the following safety requirements and ensure that all tour group members and chaperones are aware of these requirements prior to the tour.

  • Footwear: Tour participants must wear closed-toe, flat-soled shoes – no sandals, flip-flops or open-toe shoes are allowed.
  • Clothing: Much of the tour route is outdoors, so groups should dress appropriately for the weather (tours are rain or shine unless there is severe weather).
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The district does not require PPE beyond closed-toe shoes and safety glasses for standard plant tours.  Fox Metro will provide safety glasses.  Sunglasses may be permitted if glasses have sufficient eye cover and side shielding.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure proper eye coverage.
  • Chaperone Responsibilities: Adult tour participants are responsible for supervising minors in the tour group to ensure safe and respectful behavior by all members of the group. The primary chaperone should keep groups together as the tour guide(s) lead the group along the tour route.
  • Tour Group Expectations: All tour participants, regardless of age, are expected to:
    • Stay together and with the Fox Metro tour guide at all times.
    • Walk safely along the tour route. Running and horseplay are not allowed.
    • Listen while the tour guide is talking.
    • Refrain from touching items on the tour. Do not touch machinery or equipment. Tour participants should wash their hands after visiting the plant, especially before eating.
    • Stand back from fences and barriers. Do not sit, lean or climb on fences or machines.
    • Be aware of vehicles, forklifts and moving machinery.
    • Take care with loose items, such as purse straps, long hair, etc. to ensure items are not tangled on equipment.
    • Immediately follow instructions from the tour guide.
    • In the event of an emergency, stay with the tour guide and follow his or her instructions.

Tour guides may stop the tour at any time if group members are behaving unsafely or disrespectfully.

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