Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance

A Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) Program has been prepared by Fox Metro to meet the requirements of Special Condition 18 of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Number IL0020818, dated March 1, 2019 from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

This CMOM program has been prepared to provide a centralized document that can be used to more effectively and efficiently manage, operate and maintain the sanitary collection system owned and operated by the District.   The goal of the CMOM plan is to manage, operate and maintain the sanitary collection system for the lowest practical customer cost and to protect public health.

This goal is supported by:

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance;
  • Establishing and re-evaluating the desired Level of Service;
  • Investing in the proactive maintenance of all inventoried assets, thus reducing the overall cost for the lifecycle management of those assets; and
  • Assessing the performance of the collection system in terms of minimizing releases, insuring that sufficient capacity exists and to improve, and when necessary, replace assets as determined to be needed.

As stated in the NPDES permit, the CMOM program focuses on reducing or eliminating preventable sanitary sewer overflows.   Specifically, this CMOM plan focuses on:

  • Minimizing the effects of sanitary sewer overflows and basement back-ups;
  • Investigating, repairing and mitigating releases; and
  • Identifying the cause of the sanitary sewer overflow or basement back-up, making necessary repairs, identifying operational improvements and identifying structural issues within the system for potential upgrade or repair.

Fox Metro intends to implement and continuously improve a results-based and cost efficient CMOM program for its sanitary collection system that is driven by best management practices and coordinated with the overall strategy of wastewater treatment within the Fox Metro service area.


Fox Metro prepares annual reports documenting progress as required by the NPDES permit.  Abbreviated copies are provided below for the public’s use.

2019 CMOM Summary

Contact our Public Relations Department at to ask questions or provide comments on our CMOM.

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