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Fox Metro is governed by a five member Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected to serve staggered four year terms. The Board of Trustees generally meet on the Wednesday following the third Monday of each month.

The Board of Trustees establishes Fox Metro policies and appoints a District Manager, a District Attorney, and a consulting engineering firm to manage the day to day operations of the District. Fox Metro has approximately 90 employees who have a wide variety of skills and talents in the areas of operations, maintenance, laboratory, industrial pretreatment, finance, and management.

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Board Members

Judith S. Sotir, District 2President
Michael C. Funkey, District 1Vice President
David Krahn, District 3Secretary & Clerk
Randall Brown, District 4Treasurer
Chuck Nelson, District 5Trustee

Administrative Staff

Karen K. ClementiDistrict Manager
Ingemunson Law Offices, Ltd.Attorney

Public Transparency

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Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia

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