Fox Metro’s Engineering Office is located at 1135 S. Lake St. Montgomery, IL, 60538. Please limit in-person visits due to COVID-19. To ask any question(s) regarding the status of your project submittal, or to receive instruction on how to submit plans for review please contact us at 630-301-6882. To submit plans for review, please send via email in PDF format to:

The mission of the Fox Metro Engineering Department is to improve the efficiency of the department by developing and exchanging ideas, information and technology which enhance the delivery of public services; and by promoting the personal and professional growth of its staff members.

One of the major responsibilities of the Engineering Department is to coordinate proper connections to and extensions of the collection (sewer) system which conveys sewage to the wastewater treatment plant. This is done as follows.

The Engineering Department provides developers with information and guidance regarding possible connection points, costs, and requirements of obtaining Fox Metro’s wastewater treatment services. Once a possible connection point from the proposed development to the collection system is selected, the Engineering Department prepares a draft annexation agreement for the development to be included in Fox Metro’s corporate boundary and service area.

The Engineering Department then provides the Developer with guidance in the preparation of various IEPA and Fox Metro permit applications and required plans. The Developer then submits a set of building and/or street sewer plans, depending upon the project type, for review by the Engineering Department. If the Engineering Department approves the permit application and plans, it then uses a standard rate schedule to determine and collect permitting and connection fees. The standard fee schedule helps ensure that each development pays its fair share for the capacity of the treatment plant that it will use.

Once the Engineering Department has issued a permit, the Developer must use a bonded contractor to construct the sewer service connection. The Engineering Department schedules periodic inspection of the construction to help ensure that Fox Metro specifications are being met. The Engineering Department does not allow newly completed sewers to be used until after they have passed various testing procedures. An internal television camera inspection is then done after all testing.

The Engineering Department works with Fox Metro’s consulting engineering firm if interceptors, the largest sized pipes of the collection system, need to be extended to new areas requiring service; or when service area growth requires the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant. The Engineering Department also works with Fox Metro’s Industrial Pretreatment Department when connection permits for commercial or industrial development are being sought.

The Fox Metro Engineering Department Supervisor participates in City of Aurora Planning Council meetings and other various village planning council meetings as needed.

General Information and Specifications

The following is a list of general information, specifications and diagrams frequently requested from the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District Engineering Department. The list is not meant to be all inclusive nor is it intended to represent all specifications, fees, charges, or other requirements of the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District.

General Information

Fox Metro Diagrams

Clean Out
Trench For Sanitary Services & Mains
Service Connection
Riser Connection For Service Lateral
Pipe To Existing Manhole Connection
Type A Manhole
Type C Manhole
Drop Manhole / New Construction
New Manhole Added to Existing Pipe
Drop Connection Added To Existing Manhole
Sanitary Sewer Service & Potable Water Service Separation
Sanitary Sewer Crossing Under Storm Sewer
Service Abandonment / Re-Installation
Sanitary Sewer Service through Porch Box

Grease Removal Systems (GRS)

50 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
65 Gallon Schier 4″
100 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
125 Gallon Schier 4″ or 6″
140 Gallon Mifab Big Max
150 Gallon Endura XL
150 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
250 Gallon Endura XL
250 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
277 Gallon Schier 4″ or 6″
300 Gallon Mifab Big Max
300 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
500 Gallon Mifab Super Max
510 Gallon Schier 4″ or 6″
500 Gallon ADS
500 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
700 Gallon ADS
750 Gallon Mifab Super Max
750 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
750 Gallon Schier 6″
1,000 Gallon Xerxes GI (4” & 6”)
1,000 Gallon Mifab Super Max
1,000 Gallon ADS
1,000 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
1,000 Gallon Schier 6″
1,250 Gallon Xerxes GI (4” & 6”)
1,300 Gallon Mifab Super Max
1,300 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
1,500 Gallon Xerxes GI (4” & 6”)
1,500 Gallon Mifab Super Max
1,500 Gallon Mifab Super Max
1,500 Gallon ADS
1,500 Gallon Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor
1,500 Gallon Schier 6″

Miscellaneous Diagrams


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Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia

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