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The Fox Metro Customer Service Department is responsible for mailing bills to and receiving payment from over 80,000 households and businesses. These customers are located in Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, North Aurora, Sugar Grove, unincorporated surrounding areas, and small sections of Batavia and Yorkville, Illinois. Customers are billed for wastewater treatment approximately 6 times per year, depending upon which community they are located in.

Wastewater treatment bills are calculated using water meter readings provided by the community in which the customer is located. The current “User Fee” and related ordinance can be found here: Rates & Fees – Fox Metro.

Watering or Pool Credit

Fox Metro realizes that all of the drinking water used by a customer does not always end up in the sanitary sewer. Two significant examples include water used for watering new sod and water used in lawn sprinkling systems. Fox Metro is willing to issue credit(s) in each of these cases.  The water usage must be higher during the watering period than the nonwatering period.  When you receive your bill that covers the service dates where the heavy watering occurred, call us at 630-301-6881 for an adjustment if you qualify.

Watering credit application

Real Estate Closings

First, please contact the municipality corresponding to the service address to obtain a “Final Meter Read”.  In the City of Aurora, obtain a “Statement of Open Account”.  Once obtained, please fill out and fax or email over Fox Metro’s Closing Letter Request Form.   The Final Meter Read step must be completed before submitting the form to Fox Metro.

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Municipal Contact Information

Below is the contact information for our service communities.

MunicipalityWebsitePhone Number
City of Aurora
City of Batavia
Village of Montgomery
Village of North Aurora
Village of Oswego
Village of Sugar Grove
United City of Yorkville

Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia

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