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F.O.G – Fats, Oil, Grease

It is important to properly dispose of fats, oil, and grease (FOG).

FOG cools and solidifies in your pipes, restricting flow. This may eventually cause a sanitary backup in your home. Meat scraps, cooking grease, gravy, egg shells, and oily salad dressings are all harmful to your pipes and can lead to expensive and messy sewer backups within your home.  FOG that enters into the sewer system via your kitchen sink can also build up and cause backups in your house, out in the street and can interfere with Fox Metro’s treatment plant.

You can help eliminate clogs by properly disposing of cooking oil and grease using these simple steps:

  • Place cooled cooking oil, poultry fats, and meat fats in a sealed non-recyclable container such as a glass jar or “Fat Trapper” (shown below)
  • Use paper towels to wipe grease and oil off of dishes, pots, and pans prior to washing. Discard with the regular garbage.

These simple steps may protect your pipes and help keep everybody’s sanitary sewer system functioning properly.











Fox Metro provides free “fat trappers” (pictured above) for residents that can be picked up at various public events and at our billing window during normal business hours. Grease can also be discarded in the trash using an old glass jar and a lid.


Example of “FOG” Fat, Oils, and Grease clogging a sewer pipe.

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