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Wipes Clog Pipes!

Flushable cleaning wipes are not so flushable, despite their advertisements. They do not break down like toilet paper when flushed and can cause severe clogs, sewer backups, and can damage sewer lines and pumps. These clogs and sewer backups can lead to increased user fees for residents, but the costs can be even higher if the backups occur in your home.

We have all heard of these “flushable” wipes, but they should never actually be flushed down the toilet. Watch the videos below to see why this is such an important topic.


Example of “flushable” wipes clogging a residential sewer pipe.

Remember! Only flush the 3Ps…


With your help we can prevent problems with sewer, pipe and toilet blockages, as well as reduce the human and environmental costs of sewer flooding and pollution!

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