Do I pay any taxes to Fox Metro in addition to my water treatment bill?

Fox Metro only charges customers based on usage. No taxes are levied on your property.

During the summer I use water outside for my garden, lawn or pool. Will I be charged for the water that does not go into the sewer system for treatment?

If you are doing extensive lawn watering or filling a large pool, we do have a rebate system for that purpose. When you receive your bill that covers the service dates where the heavy watering occurred, call us at (630) 301-6881 to see if you qualify.

How can I lower my bill?

Since your Fox Metro bill is based on water usage, you can lower your bill simply by reducing the amount of water you use. There are many ways to reduce water consumption, ranging from water-efficient faucets, showerheads and appliances, to things as simple as taking shorter showers. Not only will this lower your Fox Metro bill, but you will also save on your city water bill.

To learn more about water conservation and how you can save money while helping the environment, view our Money Saving Tips by clicking here.

How often am I billed, and how is my water treatment bill calculated?

You will receive a bill from Fox Metro once every two months. Your bill is calculated based upon your water usage readings provided to Fox Metro by the city in which you reside.

How will my water treatment bill be computed if I am on a well, or have no water meter?

For those people who receive water from private wells or who have no water meter, Fox Metro bills based on an estimated water usage of 11,000 gallons every 2 months for residential use, and 33,000 gallons every 2 months for commercial use. If you believe your usage falls below this threshold, you may be able lower your bill by installing a water meter so that Fox Metro can invoice your household based on actual usage. Contact our billing department for more information at (630) 301-6881.

Why do I receive a bill from Fox Metro in addition to the city water/sewer bill?

Your city sewer/water bill pays for the drinking water coming into your home, as well as the maintenance of the smaller sewer lines connecting your home and neighborhoods. Fox Metro’s bill pays for the treatment of the wastewater so that it may be cleaned and returned to the river, as well as the maintenance of the large sewer lines that bring the wastewater to Fox Metro’s treatment plant.

Will I be charged a minimum bill if my usage is low?

A $3.00 minimum bill will be issued if there is low usage for the billing period.